MaithiliThe Maithili are natives of the regions around the Ganges river near Bhagalpur and Monghyr, and also in Northern Bihar and Nepal.

The Maithili are Hindu and speak their own Maithili language.  Their population is 13,133,000.

The area where the Maithili live is one of the poorest areas within India & has a high rate of migration.


Some important facts about the Maithili: 

  • Nearly 100% are Hindu
  • Maithili women are known internationally for their traditional art, especially their paintings on pottery, walls and courtyards
  • Since the Maithili of India and the Maithili of Nepal share a common history, language, culture, ethnicity and have their origins from Jabalpur, they feel very a strong uniting bond with each other.

Pray for: 

  • People to respond to God’s call to work among the Maithili
  • The Maithili to begin to hunger for a relationship with God and to be open to the Gospel.
  • For education to be raised to an acceptable standard and for businesses to be raised up that will not only support the people but also disciple them in effective ways of doing business and prospering.