Kashmiri – Muslim


The Kashmiri live in Kashmir State in northwestern India. Kashmir is a breathtaking region located in the western Himalayan Mountains.

More than ninety percent of Kashmir is mountainous. Most of the region is under snow and glaciers all year due to its extreme elevation.

The Kashmiri primarily live in rural regions; only about one-fifth live in cities. They are descendants of Indo-Aryan immigrants and are generally tall, fair skinned, and have features like the people of Central Asia.

Most of the Kashmiri are peasant farmers. Sadly, this beautiful land, noted for her high, snow-laden mountains, has been under siege since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.

Some Muslim Kashmiris want to be part of Pakistan, but most would prefer to be an independent nation. Many Kashmiri Hindus have abandoned their homes and fled for safety to India.

Today, some parts of Kashmir are controlled by Pakistan, some by India, and some even by China! Border skirmishes are frequent, and civilians in the line of fire are sometimes killed or wounded.

Most of the Kashmiri are devout Sunni Muslims, who follow a strict code of conduct. Their civilization has been heavily influenced by Muslim mystics and Persian culture. Only a small minority are Hindus.

The Kashmiri Muslims are convinced that the Bible is wrong because it contradicts the Koran. Those who convert to Christianity are viewed as immoral, degenerate people; Christians in this region are often persecuted. Many Kashmiri have heard of Jesus Christ, but view him merely as a prophet and teacher.

Pray for the followers of Christ: Pray that Kashmiri Muslim  followers of Christ will receive a Vision for their own people and do their part in multiplying the gospel among their own people.

 Pray for the entire people group: Pray for a missional breakthrough among the Kashmiri Muslim people, that God’s spirit will be poured out among them and that there will be a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) among them.