GujjarMost Gujjar reside in the northwestern part of Himachal Pradesh, but some are also in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and East Punjab. The Gujjar clan appeared in northern India around the same time as the Huna invasions of northern India (458 – 470 AD).

They speak Gujari and though most are Hindus, some are also Muslim, Sikh, Christian or Buddhist.

The origins of these people are uncertain, and there are a few different theories about how they came to India. Today these nomadic people herd sheep, goats and buffalo, and migrate to the Himalayas with their cattle during the summer and back to the plains when the cold winters begin.

Gujjar living in India are usually Hindus, those from Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh tend to be Sunni Muslims, and those in East Punjab are usually Sikhs. 

Some important facts about the Gujjars: 

  • In all the tribal communities, the Gujjar are held high in esteem.
  • Most of them reside in the north western part of Himachal Pradesh.
  • They still practice child marriage.
  • They need a higher quality education that will train them in the latest techniques in animal husbandry and agriculture.

Pray for: 

  • Ask the Lord to send forth laborers into India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to share Christ with the Gujjar.
  • Pray that God will encourage the small number of Gujjar believers and give them a vision to reach their own
  • Ask God to send Christian teachers to live and work among the Gujjar.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the Gujjar so that they will be receptive to the Father God’s love.
  • Pray blessing upon the Gujjar and for God to redeem them, bringing about his destiny and purposes for them.