BrahminPeople from the Brahmin Caste are located throughout India but live mostly in the Northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. They are divided into ten main territorial divisions, five of which are associated with the north and five with the south.

The People: The Brahmin are a Hindu Indian Caste that is very prominent and is the highest of the four Hindu castes.

They are made up of priests and scholars and they concern themselves with the spiritual guidance of the people, conducting ceremonies at marriages, births, deaths, and other auspicious occasions.

The Brahmins are the custodians of Hinduism.

 Some important facts about the Brahmin: 

  • The ritual purity of the Brahmins is maintained through the observance of numerous taboos, many of which relate to diet and contact with lower castes.
  • Most Brahmin castes are strictly vegetarian, and so they must abstain from certain occupations. They may not handle any impure material, such as leather or animal hides.
  • Brahmins may accept employment as domestic servants; many wealthy Hindus have Brahmin cooks, who are valued because members of all castes may eat the food they prepare.

Pray for: 

  • The light of the gospel to break through the veil that blinds this community.
  • Pray that the true God will reveal Himself to this community and use them to preach and teach about Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Brahmin’s who follow Jesus to share His love with their friends, neighbors and relatives in effective and powerful ways.
  • Pray for many discipleship movements to begin among Brahmin communities and peoples.