Our Vision

To experience a supernatural increase in the number of disciple-making movements among the unreached.

Several years ago, God spoke to us in a significant way.  He made it clear that He wanted to bring about a “Supernatural Increase” in the number of unreached people coming into His Kingdom in these days.

We knew that God wanted us to start by increasing our faith to believe that now was the time when we would see truly exponential growth.

For many years previous, we had been learning and talking about church planting movements or what we now call Disciple Making Movements.  At that point, we had yet to see very many of these happen through the YWAM teams we had started.

It was time to press in to God, to change our beliefs and some of our methods and to see this release happen! 

Over the last eight years, we have seen a significant change and many, many new groups of Jesus followers have been started among unreached peoples!  Supernatural Increase has begun!

Some places where there had only been a handful of believers, there are now hundreds or even thousands of Jesus followers.  Multi-generational growth of discipleship groups has taken off in many villages, towns and cities.

Movements are happening!  We want to see more…much more.

Our region has over 1 billion people and over a thousand unreached people groups.  States with huge populations, major cities, and thousands of villages still have no gospel witness.  There is much work still to be done!

God is on the move though, and He is using us! 

We continue to believe and work toward an ongoing increase in the growth of disciples making more disciples among the unreached peoples of South Asia.