November Testimonies Update

Recent Updates

In the past three months, people have received T4T teaching and have become more passionate about sharing the gospel through storytelling and using simple terms. They have realized that its the responsibility of the whole body of Christ to share the good news, make disciples and baptize them. In one area, in the last six months, as many as one hundred and thirty people have come to faith. One testimony that stands out is of a policewoman who heard the gospel. After she herself believed she shared stories from the bible with a colleague. This other police woman went on to share with many others and three new house fellowships have begun among police workers.

We recently hosted a training for some of our key church planters and one leaders. One of the trainees was about to leave his church planting location due to the strain of never having enough finances to survive.  He was going to move to a location where he would be guaranteed a base of support.  This was a deep concern as he was very fruitful in his location and his leaving would deeply affect the ongoing growth of that movement.

As he was equipped in how to raise ministry partners, he immediately put into practice what he was learning.  Even during the training itself, each day, by sharing his vision over the phone he got new financial supporters!  Now after just two weeks he has increased his support by 50% and has at least 10 new ministry partners, all from within India!  Praise God!

A church planter was praying for God to give him a person of peace, God showed him one house to approach.  He knocked on the door of that home,  they opened and he directly said “I want to share the Word of God with you.”  They answered saying, we are not interested to listen.  So, he said, “No, don’t misunderstand, we want to share something with you.” By God’s grace they were able to share with them.

God showed him that this family is very disturbed.  After sharing the gospel, he shared this word of knowledge.  They said to him “If your God is real, can he help with a problem?”  The church planter replied, “We can’t do anything but God can do it.”  He shared that he had a lot of debts.  “Can your God help me to come out of debt?  I was planning to commit suicide, when you came.”  So the church planter told him, ” I have prayed for you, wait a few days or months, wait for the Lord, he will work.”

After two days, they got a call from their brother who had sold some family land.  He gave them an advance for the land and said they will give the total amount.  Two months later, they received the money and paid all their debt and they had 10 lachs rupees (100,000 rupees- about $15,000 USD) left over!  So that man said to the church planter , “What can I do for the sake of your church and for God?”  He told him “You received salvation from God. You have to share with others in the same way I did with you.” Now this man is actively working to share his faith and start new churches in new areas.

That church planter saw 150 new people come to faith in the last 3 months!