October Testimonies Update

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A lady in North India came to faith in Jesus but her husband has not yet joined her. He is a lawyer and very strongly against her decision to follow Jesus. She doesn’t let that stop her from obeying Jesus’ command to share the gospel. She finds ways to make excuses about going out of the house, to buy something or go to the market. She then shares the gospel with people. Near to her home, there was a big fight between some of her neighbors. Twenty-five to thirty people were arguing and fighting. She shared the good news of Jesus and his love with them. Now all of those neighbors have decided to put their faith in Christ! Praise God for this faithful woman of God who overcomes such challenges to make Jesus known to those around her!

One morning all of the participants and trainers of a training session went out to share the gospel in the local communities. Twenty-seven people heard gospel presentations, twenty-four people expressed desire to be hear more, one person from a high caste Hindu background gave his heart to the Lord, one person was partially healed and one person, who happened to be a believer, received training on how to reach out and disciple others.

In North India, we came across a local woman who had struggled with an illness that kept her bedridden for four years. Evil spirits were also tormenting her. Her family members took her to many hospitals and tried witchcraft to heal her. Nothing happened. When we finally met that family, we prayed for her. After the prayers, she got up from her bed and was able to walk! Through her, many of her relatives and about ten local people believed in Jesus Christ and are now coming to our fellowships! Praise the Lord!