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>This Month's People Group Focus: The Tibetans

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About two hundred thousand Tibetans are found across India, Nepal and Bhutan. Most of them are Tibetan Buddhist while a few follow the Bon religion. There are very Tibetans who follow Christ. Religion forms a major part of their identity and its influence is seen in their art, music and architecture. Most Tibetans are religious and they regularly chant different kinds of prayers, they use prayer bead and perform prostrations. Their houses and the places where they are a majority are usually adorned with prayer flags. They live in tight knit communities and they earn their living in South Asia as business people. 
We are hoping that God will send workers to Jammu & Kashmir, India to reach the Tibetans. This unreached people group is in desperate need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you be the one to go?

Would you like to partner or pioneer a team to focus on this Unreached Group? 
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