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Recent training in India had a huge impact! The participants went back filled with joy and passion for the lost. They were literally dancing on the trains and sharing their faith as they returned to their homes, villages and cities! Already reports are coming in of new discipleship groups being started since the training. Thanks for your faithful prayers!
"Faith To Move Mountains,
Love That Flows For The Unreached"
A week ago there was a woman who had been demon possessed for the past ten years. After her marriage, she had really suffered a lot. One of the church leaders went and was ministering to her and then a number of us went and prayed and cast out the demons. Because of this deliverance, the whole family accepted Christ after seeing the huge change in her life. Now they are sharing this story with many others.

There is a new believer who has been taking the gospel from village to village. She wants to see many more come to know Jesus! One person took her to their house to pray for a person who had an accident 3 years ago and had been unable to get out of bed. After praying, the trainer asked him "Do you believe in Jesus? He confessed his sin and asked forgiveness and they prayed. God changed his life. He felt fine and he stood up and walked. Everyone was so surprised, and his mother started to cry. Before this training I used to pray for the sick and cast out demons, but now the 28 people I trained are doing the work.  

There was a 20 year old lady who had cancer. The family invited the church planter to come to the hospital to pray for her. I asked her "Do you know Jesus Christ?" Then I shared the gospel. After I went home, four hours later they called me. She was completely normal. The doctors had said she would die, but after the doctor checked her and she was completely healed. She came to my house, 35 kilometers away to tell me that Jesus had touched her. She threw out all her idols and began to share her story with others. Now she has led 30 other people to put their faith in Jesus and a new church in her place has been started.

In one of the movements, after the training in March, the elders went back so excited to empower everyone in the movement to share their testimony with others. They began to emphasize the joy of sharing good news and how easy it is to do that. They began to pray for their lost friends, relatives and neighbors. Now in that movement, 220 people have come to the Lord in just the last six months and 56 new discipleship groups have been started!

A Nepali brother attended our training in March. He leads a fairly traditional Nepali church in a large Indian city. He went back inspired to train every believer to make disciples! As he them to share their testimony with others and to pray for their relatives and neighbors, the believers got so excited. We can do this? Its not only for the pastors and leaders to do? The next month they shared Jesus with hundreds of people! In the following months 26 new people were added to the church and to the family of God! They are now training these twenty six to also be disciple makers!

Homeless believers are sharing the Good News regularly with their friends in the homeless community in an Indian city. About 20 are being trained and 10 of them are actively sharing their personal story and the Jesus story. One homeless man led his friend to the Lord and 
has started a group with 6 other homeless people near a football stadium. Pray those coming will give their lives to Jesus and that they will multiply the gospel among others!

This testimony just came in today! Over the last few weeks in one place 7 people were baptized and 3 were healed. A tumor disappeared from a homeless man after prayer. He composed a song to Jesus after that. A man with kidney stone was prayed for and went to 
the doctor for a check up the next day-the stone was gone. He now believes and wants to take baptism. Another person with jaundice was healed. Believers are now sharing Good News regularly with others! Praise God!

One girl became a believer and told her father (the local temple priest). She told him she had received eternal life that he had never told her about - so she shared Good News with him. One day her father was worshiping the idols in the temple, but he felt very strange. After hearing from her, he came home realizing that he had to do because of the rituals, but he had no peace all those years. He accepted Jesus. So, one day he locked up the temple. He said it is locked forever - now the temple of Jesus is open. Now I have found the real peace and this temple now belongs to Jesus! Now the whole village have become believers. He has found that "practice and practice and practice" has really helped. Practice makes permanent! 1 team has begun house fellowships in 8 villages and now they have 3rd and 4th generation, as they train leaders to work for the next level.

A leader from Nepal shared this story. In their church they challenge EVERYONE that it is your job to share the Good News. An old lady who couldn't read and write write accepted that challenge. She shared the Good News with her daughter and then together they shared with the whole village and everyone became believers! Now is the time for EVERYONE to plant churches! Let us pray for bush fires amongst the unreached. This is the time to throw out the net to catch the fishes.

Last week in South India there was a boy who suffered from a urinary problem and had seen many doctors. They were unable to help him and sent him home with no hope. A believer there prayed for him and he was touched by the power of God and completely healed. The entire village saw this miracle and have been drawn to the living God.

Recently, a Frontier Missions team was called by a local believer to visit someone who was possessed by evil spirits. They came from a large family of 18 people. They went to this person's home to pray for them. They continued to pray through the night, worshipping Jesus and claiming His authority over the powers of darkness. The next day they cast out demon after demon from this person until they experienced complete deliverance and freedom! Seeing this miracle of God's grace, the entire family and nine others accepted Jesus as Savior! A new church of 27 people began instantly as the church planters began to teach them what it means to be a follower of Christ! Praise God for His Kingdom demonstrated in such practical ways! May His name become famous among the nations!

We praise God that disciples are making disciples in South Asia! A church planter recently wrote about a young man in his discipleship group who began discipling his cousin. Soon he began to gather 3 of his friends together to pray, worship and learn about Jesus. This young man continued to coach and encourage his cousin and shared with the 3 friends. After several months the three of them committed their lives to Christ and took significant steps to declare their allegiance to Jesus. Now they too are actively sharing their faith with their friends and relatives. Lets keep believing for more true followers of Jesus and His ways to share this good news with others and make disciples who make disciples!

About a year ago a some YWAMers met Ratan (name changed) on the streets of an Indian city. He had been living on the streets for several years. After a few weeks of developing some relationship with him, he opened up and told them his story. He landed on the streets even though he once had a good job and was well educated because his wife left him for another man. Heart broken and hopeless he turned to drinking and wanted to end his life. The team shared the gospel with him and he believed. He was baptized and they began discipling him using stories and in a few months time he learnt many stories from the Bible. One time he had some misunderstanding with some local middlemen and they threatened to kill him. He had to go in hiding for many months. He even had to run all the way to South India for a couple of months. He kept in touch with the YWAMers through the phone. Finally he returned and he continues to follow Jesus. About two months ago a teaching job opened in a school. One of the team went with him for the interview and he was able to get that job! Praise God for transformation in the life of this man!

Another worker recently reported: A couple of weeks ago we had a time with some new believers where we prayed for deliverance. It soon became clear that the spirit was still there, but not for long. It had to leave in the name of Jesus, and it came out with a shout. It's amazing to see how Jesus is transforming their lives, and they now take whatever opportunity they get to share stories about Jesus with people around them.

Recently in South India God moved powerfully to heal a man of 3rd stage brain cancer! The doctors had said that there was nothing more that could be done for him. A local believer called a church planter to come and pray. The man was in ICU so they were not allowed to go inside, but they stood outside the ICU and began to ask Jesus, the Healer, to intervene in this man's life. After five minutes he opened his eyes and awoke from unconsciousness. A few days later at his home they prayed again. It was the day of a large Hindu festival. Again as they gathered and prayed for him a miraculous change took place. This man who had been unconscious, sat up in bed and began to converse with his family. A crowd gathered and the local believers there were able to share publicly of the love and compassion of Jesus our Savior and Healer with many in that unreached community! Praise God!

There was a school teacher in South India who had his PhD in education. He came to the Lord and started going for ministry every day with one of the church planters. This couple then got govt. jobs and moved to a new place. There they made contacts and shared with many people. New doors kept opening and a few weeks ago they prayed for a paralysed man. He was healed. His wife who was demon possessed began to manifest. Then the team prayed and the lady was delivered. Praise God! Lets equip and mobilize EVERY believer as a minister of the gospel!

God is planting His Kingdom in hearts, it is ripe and waiting for us to reap the waiting harvest! I heard a story today of a man who went to a festival and wanted to buy something to help him worship. All around were many gods and idols and images. Then he saw a cross there with the others. He decided to buy it. Many others around him asked him when he brought this home why he had bought it and not another kind of image. He replied "I don't know.  
I just wanted to have this." 2 months ago, 14 years later a YWAMer visited his home, saw the cross and asked him if he knew the meaning of the cross. When he heard this message for the first time, he was so happy to know the God he had been praying to, and invited Jesus to be His Savior and Lord.   He soon chose to become His disciple and fully follow this God He had worshipped but now KNEW in a personal way. How many more wait to hear the story we have to tell??? God lead us to them and give us boldness to share your amazing good news with those waiting to hear!

A recent testimony from an unreached area:
Many healings and deliverances are happening in each village house church. Recently one witchcraft man has given his life to Jesus. He was doing all his black magic against one of the believers, but he himself became very sick. In the end the believer and house church elder prayed for him and he was healed! He encountered God and all his family gave their lives to Christ. Praise God for that! He has much potential to lead others to Christ. Please pray that God will help him to stand in faith.

One church planter in North India works in a very difficult area where there is much resistance to the gospel message. Recently, God has been working among people in government authority. One couple who work in the intelligence burough have given their lives to the Lord. Another whole family of a Fire Inspector have come to faith. Other senior officers are coming to hear more and are interested to understand the path of Jesus! Praise God for what He is doing among people of influence in these areas!

God has opened another amazing door for a team to impact the town they live in. A large and prominent school asked the team to make a special seminar for the 4 highest classes (9-12 grade), to teach them the values of their company. These values happen to be the core values of the Kingdom and the teaching of Jesus. The team came up with this amazing seminar which addressed many of the key issues young students in India in general face. The last session of the seminar took place in a large auditorium with all the students, teachers and staff present, more than 400 people. Pray with us for those Kingdom seeds to bear fruit and bring transformation in their lives and in this town!  

Testimony from a leader in India: I gave 3 days teaching to the local believers in a church our teams had started. I challenged them to share the gospel and make disciples, that this was the job of every believer. There was no power for 8 hours a day. They were sweating and learning!  At the end of my 3 days I asked what is your goal for the next 6 months? They said we will take this village in our state and we will share the gospel in every home. There were 25 of them and they said they would share with 4 or 5 families a week. They said we have been coming to church for so many years but doing nothing but clapping our hands. We thought evangelism was only for the pastors. We are so glad that we can do this.  Within 3-4 months almost 1500 people heard the gospel in that village.

"What ministered to me the most was the time you gave for people to just come and be free in front to talk to the Lord. He did meet me in my deepest need- to release forgiveness and receive healing so that I could be more an open channel of blessing rather than someone carrying a burden that Jesus had already paid for when He died on that cross."

"I was walking past a bridge and saw two men. They had such a look of despair on their faces. I noticed them but continued to walk. 
But the Holy Spirit tugged at my heart. Hesitantly I went back to talk with them. Both were homeless, both were hungry. I began to talk to them and share with them of Jesus’ love. I felt prompted to offer them a small amount of money so they could go and buy food. One of them quickly took it, but the other man refused. I continued to offer this small love gift to him. Finally he received it and they both left in the direction of a place to buy food. I continued on my way home. I was deeply touched by their need but kept this to myself for a few days. I went back and met the one man again. Our relationship continued to develop and I entered this community of homeless people through him. I shared with my family and our house church group, and slowly we began to regularly minister there, under that bridge. This man has now accepted Jesus and been baptized, and others are also listening to the gospel and believing!"

Recently, a church planter in North India heard that a childhood friend of his became mentally ill. He went to visit him in his house and found him in a horrible condition. His hair was long and unkempt, his clothestattered and he was basically treated like an animal. He would not normally come out of his small dark room but when Ramesh (name changed) called out to him, he came out. Ramesh asked him if he recognized him and he replied that he did not. Ramesh then introduced himself as a  follower of Jesus, the one true God who could heal and save. He offered to pray for him and when he agreed.  Ramesh prayed for this sick man and he was immediately made well. Ramesh then took him out to get a hair cut, to wash and put on fresh clothes. After years of oppression, this man was set free in Jesus' name.  Ever since, Ramesh has been meeting him and now this man is a part and actually leading a group of Christ disciples whose aim is to tell others about Jesus.

Last year one church planter in one of the largest states of  Northeast India started a house church with just
10 people. Using simple discipleship and multiplication principles like T4T, today he reported 71 baptisms in
7 new house churches.   Read more about T4T at http://t4tonline.org/about/what-is-t4t/

A lady from North West India used her testimony of what her life was before Christ, how she met Christ and how her life has changed after she believed in Christ to lead up to 45-50 people to the Lord. The church planter who taught her also taught others and today he has seen over 45 Disciples discipling others (T4T) groups started in his area.

Last week I asked GOD to surprise me with HIS goodness everyday. HE IS ANSWERING MY PRAYERS!!!  He is surprising me everyday with HIS goodness. Today I saw before my own eyes 30,000 Indian rupees turn into 31, 100. It is a miracle! I am talking about money. Went to the bank to deposit some money and I had 30000rs in the envelope. Counted it many times before going. When teller counted it, she got Rs 600 extra at first. Counted again and she got another 500 extra. I heard a testimony about this last week and I said, yes Lord!! I want that and over the week I have seen God provide and multiply money supernaturally.

I've recently been seeing God use me to pray for technical problems and see His miracles. Some years ago I prayed for a broken camera and it suddenly started working. This morning the LCD project was frozen and they had been trying for a long time to fix it. I laid my hands on it, prayed for 10 seconds, asked God to send an " IT angel" to fix it, and it immediately started working!
A testimony from a trainer of trainers in South Asia about a recent training for students in his area: "All the students were very young in age also young in faith too, God have done deeper work in their life’s, all of them gave their life to Jesus and commit to do His work in their locations. We are planning to start 10 new house churches in their villages." Praise God!

During the first meeting there were some prophetical words and in the second meeting there was a time of ministry and the Lord really touched me. God spoke about people who had questionmarks in their life but this questionmarks became hooks that pulled them down. I knew this was true in my life. At once a lot of pain came in my heart. I cried out to the Lord from deep within my heart that I needed His presence again and He answered me! Praise God! Of course there is much more that I can share but this is what the Lord has done in me. Praise God that He cleaned up the mess in my life. 
- from someone working in YWAM India

A high caste and influential engineer was suddenly paralyzed. After taking him to the doctors he was told he would die within 8 days. Desperate for help, his family invited a believer to pray for him and within moments he was healed, began to drink and was set free from the curse that had been put on him by a witch doctor. God is able to deliver and breaks every curse!

One of the church planters reported in their recent newsletter- Almost all who have come to faith received the Lord because of healing or deliverance. One lady had suffered under the oppression of an evil spirit for 21 years. She had spent thousands of rupees over many years but could not be free. When we prayed she got deliverance!

From miracle story from India: "Our ministry is going very well. God is working through healing and deliverance.. There was a lady in our ministry area who was very sick and admit to hospital. And Doctor told her husband that she have only 5 % chance to live. We were praying for her and her husband and family were praying for her. God hear our prayer and he touch her and heal her completely and now she is very strong believer. Now where ever she go she share her testimony to others what God has done for her.
2016 was a blessed year for us. In March we went to the T4T seminar and around 40-45 elders were with us. They all learned so much. We were expecting so much work will happen in and around our city. After 3 months though, no baptisms were happening. So I called the elders and asked them are you doing T4T? They said yes, we fulfilled our goals. I was concerned though, that no one was taking the step of baptism.

Right after that, suddenly I got a message saying “our team is going to give baptism to 15 people.” Then another message came and we heard 10 more people took baptism. It kept happening and within 2 months there were 80 people publicly proclaiming their faith in Jesus! 

At Christmas we planned to celebrate all together. I asked all the elders to bring a gift of around 100 rupees. I was worried that many may not show up because I was asking them to give. To my surprise, 130 elders came! They came to give and have been learning to give to God and one another. We celebrated Christmas in 35 places. In all these places the locals did all the arrangements and more than 2000 heard the gospel this year! Praise God.

Over the last fifteen years we have been celebrating Christmas in the same place each year. This year we had to change the place. We talked to the owners of another house but they wouldn’t allow us to use it for our Christmas program. My wife said, “Why don’t you talk to the government leaders to see if they can give a place?” At 11 pm, just two days before Christmas, I went to meet the leader of the government in my area. He said “okay I am ready to help you.” He gave us a big hall for free and he paid for the entire program! This was the first time in 15 years that it rained on Christmas. Every year before we always celebrated Christmas on the roof terrace. This year we met inside and were so thankful for the shelter God had given us!

We prayed again on the 31st and proclaimed we need a place in our town to meet and train believers. We went to speak to the Chief Minister of our state who had come to our town. None of the believers were free in the evening so again I went alone to meet this government leader. He gave us the application for the land. He asked “how many people do you have?” The district leader who had given the Christmas place gave the answer for me and said 500 or 700 people. “Where are you from in this district?” He then asked me. The district leader again answered and said “they are from all over this area.” The Non-believers were speaking on my behalf! I thank God for this opportunity. God gave me the courage and opportunity to meet these political leaders and gave us great favor with them. 

A new believer's in one of the churches started in a local village writes- I was suffering a sickness of STD for the last 7 years and my parents took me to different medical doctors and also to witch doctors. Day by day I became very weak. Finally, I decided to commit suicide since I was not able to bear the pain and other difficulties. Then, God sent a person to help me and heal me from every pain and sickness. My own brother, who become a secret believer to Jesus Christ came and shared with me. He told me, "Sister, there is hope and healing in Jesus name. If we pray for you HE will release healing over you." So, for the first time I decided to pray to this Jesus. I started feeling better in my body and I was fully cured from my chronic sickness. Now my whole family has put our faith and trust in Jesus!

In one of the locations where we have a team, a man fell down from an upstairs window. Everyone thought there was no hope for him to live but the family had hope in Jesus. The man accepted Christ and began to get better! One side of his body was completely crushed. The Drs said it would cost 4 or 5 lachs rupees (about $6000 or $7000- a huge amount without insurance for a poor family in India) for the operations to repair his bones and rebuild what had been crushed. They didn't have the money but kept praying for him. Now he is totally healed! He started first walking with crutches and his faith kept increasing. Then he said, if God is healing me, He will help me walk without crutches. Now he is! Praise God!

Another trainee got a chance to train others in what he learned. He taught in one of YWAM's Discipleship Training schools about Training for Trainers (T4T). At first the staff were hesitant, but after they saw the result they really liked it. After one of the sessions, they sent everyone out to share good news and pray for the sick. Within 2 hours, the group shared with 80 people! Now they are on their field assignment and this trainers just heard that they had shared with more than 2,500 people and started new discipleship groups in 30 villages! God is working in amazing ways to spread His love and good news!