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YWAM Frontier Missions South Asia is all about seeing multiplying groups of Jesus followers started in every place, among every people and in every community across South Asia. South Asia includes the countries of; India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives.

​This site is for those who want to be connected to what God is doing through YWAM Frontier Missions to see the movement of Jesus followers transforming every people group and place in South Asia. Learn about unreached groups, church planting opportunities, justice and mercy opportunities, conferences, prayer needs and more.
We are happy to announce that what was formerly Northwest FM Area of India has now become two new areas! A few days ago we were excited to commission new leaders there. Praise God for multiplication and growth! Please pray for these two new areas and their leaders as they seek God for direction and believe God for greater increase!

The Kingdom Movement Launch training took place this past month with more than 20 students. They will be going to new locations for Prayer and Exploration this month. Praise God for this exciting new training for those wanting to Pioneer in new places!

EMBRACING NEW BELIEFS- Each month this year we will be talking about an old belief to discard and a new one to embrace. The New Belief for January was RIPE HARVEST. Jesus said the Harvest is Ripe...lift your eyes to the fields, they are ready! 
  There are short videos available to help you understand and discuss this new belief. Write to us if you would like a link to this! We also are emphasizing this in our beautiful yearly calendar. Didn't get one yet? Again, write to us!
  As we embrace these NEW BELIEFS, we will act differently and see different results!

God is working in a new way and this month we have seen many, many people put their faith in Jesus!
Reports of 30 people here, 40 there, 10 here, 15 there...daily the reports come in! New disciple making groups are starting, local believers are sharing their stories of God's goodness regularly, and the Holy Spirit is drawing many to the truth! It is a new day in South Asia and movements are starting all over the place!

There are numerous places where very little fruit has been seen for a long time but suddenly we are seeing significant breakthroughs. Key people are putting their trust in the Lord Jesus. Those people are then sharing with others around them.  

There are difficulties and opposition as well, so we need your prayers during this key time.  
But truly we can say with confidence, Supernatural Increase is HERE! It is happening! To 
God be the glory!

In 2015 we saw some amazing breakthroughs and real supernatural increase 
in many places! 
We give thanks to God! Several movements saw lots of growth and multiplication. We witnessed many miracles and deliverances. God was really good to us!
In 2016 we continue to believe Him for more! We still are longing to see the full release of the promises He has given us about seeing great Increase and Supernatural growth of His Kingdom. This year we continue to work to shift to a new and more effective training model that will release more people to be involved in the harvest. We also will be running a few larger trainings and then follow up trainings. 

This year we have also identified a number of new Pioneer areas where we'd like to see new teams launched. There are many who wait to hear the good news! Write to us to find out where these are and how you could be involved in reaching these places.

In March 2016, we will be hosting a conference with the person who started the largest disciple making movement in history! He is also one of the authors of the book called "T4T". This man of God will be coming along with his wife to inspire, train and equip us toward greater effectiveness in God's Kingdom. Lets start praying now for this awesome training upcoming event! Details coming soon to all staff by email.

Monsoon rains have hit South Asia heavily in recent months. This year is no different as to 
the devastating effect these rains can have on the region. Reports coming from West Bengal 
say there have been over 83 people killed and more than 300,000 homes destroyedin that 
state. Other parts of India are having unusually dry weather this year. Please pray for 
followers of Jesus to rise up to serve and show God's love to one another during this time. 
Also continue to remember Nepal where smaller earthquakes continue to take place even in 
the midst of rebuilding processes for that nation.

On April 25th a major earthquake rocked the nation of Nepal and also affected surrounding nations. Thousands are dead and many more injured. Hospitals are overflowing and running out of supplies. In village areas near the epicenter thousands of homes have been completely destroyed. Many are without shelter, food, electricity and basic necessities. 

We still want to encourage everyone to continue to give... though the news reports decrease in coverage - the need is rising for assistance.

  We need to collect and send in resources for relief: blankets, tents for temporary shelter, food, emergency supplies, and eventually to assist in rebuilding efforts. Anything you give will help. No contribution is too small or too large in the face of these needs.

These are some of the quotes from friends in Nepal:
  " O God who will build my country it is horrible situation my sister is unconscious and injured I am not able to village and get her to admit to hospital plz God do some miraculous plz friends pray with us."
  "My family and many other families, we are sitting in the street, no rescue or relief team has reached here yet. We are homeless and hungry! The children are so panic as we are still experiencing earthquake in intervals. Please pray for God's provision for Nepal!"
  "Around us 15 peoples killed and can grow this number. Destroyed our training centers compound wall too."
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"Imagine you had a bag full of groceries that you wanted to give to someone in need of food. Two people are equally hungry, but one has a full refrigerator while the other has no access to food. Who would you give the groceries to? 
I think most of us would give to the one without access to food. How about with the Gospel? Why do we keep going and sending to areas where access to the Gospel is common?"  
- YWAM JAX Beach news