"Faith To Move Mountains,
Love That Flows For The Unreached"
> What is a Kingdom Movement?

A Kingdom Movement is similar to a Church Planting Movement or 
CPM (see definition below). 
A Kingdom Movement is a fast growing, indigenous 
movement of Jesus followers that gather themselves into 
intimate groups we often call house churches. It’s a 
supernatural move of God’s Spirit among an unreached people group, 
a geographic location or sphere of society. These followers of Jesus 
live out the life of God's Kingdom, bringing Heaven to Earth.  
Lives... families... communities... societies and people groups are rapidly transformed
as Jesus' life and ways are embraced and God's love and goodness invades and impacts earth through them.

Interested to be trained in how to start a Kingdom Movement? 
Check out the Kingdom Movement Training​ Page.
What is a Church Planting Movement (CPM)?
Basically a CPM is a very fast growing, indigenous movement of Jesus followers that gather themselves into groups we often call churches. It’s a supernatural move of God’s Spirit among an unreached people group.
There are various definitions and understandings of a CPM. Following are definitions by some leading writers and teachers of CPMs. 

D. Garrison, IMB:
A definition for Church Planting Movements: “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches, planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.”

D. Watson, New Generations:
To see a CPM, the equipping of leadership is critical. Our definition of leadership includes reproduction of leaders. A leader makes more leaders regularly, and…
To see a CPM, the obedience-based discipleship of all people is essential. Our definition of a disciple includes obedience to Jesus and the reproduction of disciples. An obedient disciple makes more disciples regularly, and…
To see a CPM, Bible story/study groups reproduce regularly, and…
To see a CPM, churches reproduce regularly, and…
To see a CPM, church members are ministering to their communities, and the Kingdom of God is expanding from individual to individual, family to family, community to community, city to city, and nation to nation.

May God grant us the joy of seeing many, many CPMs take place among the unreached in these days!

YWAM-Frontier Missions:
Our goal is never only to plant one church. We want to plant churches that multiply and become movements. Everything we do should lead to multiplication. FM teams should carefully evaluate their strategies and ways of working to make sure they are reproducible. We avoid doing things that have proven to hinder CPMs, such as building church buildings, paying local pastors or elders, or bringing in a lot of foreign finances and forms.