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The Kingdom Movement Training Phase 1-Language and Culture has started with 9 students who are passionately working to learn Hindi, Bangla and Dzongkha! They are using a very hands on approach to learning language called GPRA where a Language Nurturer helps them "play" as they learn new works. Interested to know more? Write to us!

Introductory T4T trainings are going on in various locations with a lot of enthusiasm and interest to learn about how God is using T4T in South Asia. These trainings focus on basic Biblical principles like "make disciples not church members" and emphasize praying for the Lost and for those you are training.  

Module One of the Multiplier's training will start in June in South India. This is what used to be called the HMT (Harvest Multiplier's training) and used to be 2 weeks long. It has now been shortened and changed to be more just in time and now has 3 Modules that are 3-4 days long each with application time in between.

There is a new app called Yeshu Katha, and it is now available! It's a great resource for those who want to share Jesus with Hindus.

YWAM Frontier Missions South Asia is all about seeing multiplying groups of Jesus followers started in every place, among every people and in every community across South Asia. South Asia includes the countries of; India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives.
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Disciples are making disciples in India even when they can not read and write! In one place last week a lady brought four new people to church who had believed when she had shared the Jesus story with them. This lady can not read and write, but she learned how to share the good news and God is bringing people to himself through her. Now she is discipling them using simple picture cards to teach foundational lessons of salvation, prayer, and about how to have a relationship with God!

One of the Indian students in a recent entry level training did her 3 week practical application time in a Bengali Hindu community. She started prayer-walking and trying to start conversations with local people. One day she met a housewife who welcomed her home. She told her the story of the Lost Son. The woman started to cry and our trainee took that opportunity to pray with her and lead her to faith. The woman has a daughter in law with a child who was very sick as well. Our trainee prayed for her and found out after she went back a couple of days later that the child had been healed!. A fellowship is now planted in this lady's home. When our church planting staff went later to visit the new fellowship, they found several families had gathered together, waiting to hear the Good News and to receive prayer. God is working!!

A group of trainees went to a state in North India for their field application time. They focused on, a Tibetan-Buddhist people group that is very unreached and among whom there is much persecution. The trainees did people group research, intercession and looked for opportunities to share the Good News. On one occasion, the trainees talked to a young lady. She was from a village that was quite a distance away. This young later invited them to the village and they were able to stay with the family for a couple of days. One morning during their stay in the village, a group of elderly women came to meet them because they thought they were doctors. They wanted medicine. The trainees said they were not doctors but they would be happy to pray for them. The next day, not only the women but old men also came and the trainees were able to pray for them as well and share the Creation story. They then introduced Jesus and shared this story with them. None of them had ever heard it before! Those who have never heard, are hearing of His love!

About 6 months ago a local worker was traveling to visit some old friends in a town that is about 5 ½ hours away. He was asked by a “friend of a friend” in his city if he would visit his family to share Jesus with them there. Even though they weren’t believers, the family member here had been praying for them for a long time and saw this as a great opportunity for them to hear the gospel. Somewhat nervously this local worker went to visit the peson’s family. After initial introductions, he quickly launched into sharing the gospel with them – who is Jesus, why did he come to earth, what does he want from us and for us. He didn’t just share the gospel with words, but he showed the family that Jesus is alive today by praying for those who were sick. A number of them were healed! One auntie who had been living with knee pain for more than 20 years was amazed that she could now sit down cross-legged with ease and no pain! Others received significant words of knowledge. The family were so excited to know more that they kept talking from 10am through to about 4 in the afternoon, forgetting to eat!

The local worker continued to visited there often. On his 5th visit the lady in the family shared how in the past they had been to the temple to get the goddess to help them, or been to witch-doctors or fortune-tellers when in need. Now they don’t need to do this because Jesus is there for them. They have taken the step of removing the sacred threads worn for protection and thrown away their special items used for discerning the goddess’ will, and are now trying to follow Jesus and love and obey him. They are sharing their experiences and stories with friends, family and neighbours and many people are expressing an interest to know more about Jesus.

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-Pray for the various trainings going on across South Asia. As new workers for the harvest are equipped, pray for God's wisdom, power and anointing to fill them and those who are training them.
-Pray for financial provision for many of the staff who are still struggling to pay their children's school fees.
-Pray for momentum of God's spirit to grow and for new teams to be released and new generations to start in the movements already begun.
The Yeshu Katha App includes 21 stories from the life of Sanatan Sadguru Yeshu. CLICK HERE for more details on our Resources page or click below to download.
"Imagine you had a bag full of groceries that you wanted to give to someone in need of food. 
Two people are equally hungry, but one has a full refrigerator while the other has no access to food.
 Who would you give the groceries to?  
I think most of us would give to the one without access to food. How about with the Gospel? 
Why do we keep going and sending to areas where access to the Gospel is common?"
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